Lightweight Construction

The objective of Lightweight Construction is to enable lightweight and resource-efficient structures. There is a particularly efficient Lightweight Construction strategy: constructive Lightweight Construction. In this process, constructive possibilities are used to design structures that are optimal for lightweight construction. This requires detailed knowledge of the structural mechanics of typical lightweight structures. In this lecture, the most important relationships for this are to be studied.
For this purpose, calculation methods of elementary elastostatics are presented and the corresponding design rules for lightweight structures are derived from them. Special attention is paid to stability analyses, since lightweight structures are typically slender or thin-walled. In these cases, designs must take into account not only strengths but also stiffnesses. Individual exercises take place in the faculty's PC pool in order to implement calculation methods with Python notebooks.

The course is aimed at all students of the master's programs in mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, mechatronics and biomedical engineering who wish to learn methods of modeling and analyzing lightweight structures.


Course Description

Lecturers: Prof. Weißgraeber and colleagues

Course contents:

  • Lightweight construction/molded lightweight construction
  • Calculation of lightweight elements
  • Stability problems
  • Force application/jointing techniques in lightweight construction
  • Optimization

Credit points: 6

Pre-requisites for the examination: none

Type and scope of examination: written, 60 minutes

Permitted aids: calculator, writing material, collection of formulas (one A4 site, handwritten)


  • Lecture notes
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